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December 2012

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Want your holidays wrapped in more meaning — and less stuff?  Check out our Simplify the Holidays Pledge for ideas to:

• Give thoughtful, less commercial gifts
• Reduce seasonal waste
• Share experiences, music, and food with loved ones

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"I simply love this concept, esp. the Less Stuff part!" —Dar Thomas, via Facebook
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Dear Friends,

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at New Dream!

This month, we offer some fun tips for celebrating the season, from ideas for creative gift giving to simple service projects that the whole family can enjoy.

We also feature perspectives from two New Dreamers on going "beyond consumerism" and offer the first 50 donors to New Dream a chance to receive a limited-edition print of our new "Share" poster, designed by Virginia artist Josef Beery.

Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance.

—Wendy, Lisa, Wen, Guinevere, Anna, and the rest of the New Dream team

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Considering a gift to New Dream? Starting today, the first 50 donors who give online will receive a free Josef Beery "Share" print. To learn more about the Charlottesville, VA-based printmaker, check out our recent interview with Beery.

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Tackling Holiday Consumerism With Creative Resistance

A New Dreamer’s toughest challenge might be navigating the stuff-obsessed holidays. Here are some tips for bringing creativity and simplicity to the season.

Fun Holiday Service Projects for You and Your Family

Looking for ways to incorporate volunteering into your holiday plans? Edna Rienzi offers 11 fun ideas for getting your kids engaged in the spirit of giving. It might just be your family’s favorite memory this year.

A Smaller Piece of a Better Pie: Embracing "Luxurious Frugality"

Living simply shouldn't remain class-based or countercultural; it should be downright American. Guest blogger Jake Giessman shares what he learned from the experiences of his two (very different) grandmothers.

"Buying Nothing New" Isn't About Shopping, It's About Facing Our Deepest Values

For Anjuli Crocker, a month-long attempt to "buy nothing new" wasn't just about choosing to shop differently. It became an unexpected exploration into her deepest motivations and values.

Knitting, Anyone? Learn a New Skill This Winter!

A lot of people think that knitting and crocheting are for older housewives, but it’s time to drop that stigma. This is a creative, rewarding activity that anyone can benefit from, even if you’re not a crafter.
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