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August 2013

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New Dream is thrilled to announce the winners of the first-ever Get2gether Neighborhood Challenge!

Learn more about their missions, and be on the lookout for how to support your favorite in their fundraising efforts in the coming weeks.
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"Your New American Dream seed library webinar timing was perfect for us! I am very grateful to you for providing this particular forum." - -- Pat Sobrero, The Seed Library at Round Valley Public Library
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Dear New Dreamers,

August often offers the last bit of relaxation before the hustle and bustle of school, fall activities, and colder weather. Here at New Dream, we're gearing up for an autumn full of exciting roll outs, program launches, and more. We can't wait to share with you all the things we have in store!

—The New Dream Team


New Video! From Pop-Up to Permanent

Sometimes the best way to encourage the local retail sector is to think outside the (big) box. New Dream's latest video features popuphood, a small business incubator in Oakland, CA that collaborates with local entrepreneurs to revitalize local neighborhoods.

Top Five Eco-Friendly Public Sculptures

2013 has been a major year for public art installations with a larger mission.  New Dream's top five come from across the country and tackle the issues of consumption, deforestation, sharing, and more in extraordinarily innovative ways.

Vance Packard: Unsung Environmental Movement Leader

Have you ever heard of the man who coined "consumerism" as a term? If you're like most Americans, probably not. Learn more about Vance Packard and his role as an early, unsung hero of the environmental movement.

Living The Dream: Sam Polk's Walk Away from Wall Street

Walking away from Wall Street just days after the biggest bonus of his life? Sam Polk did just that. This month's Living the Dream spotlights his journey from big bucks to big social impact.

What are Community Currencies? How Do They Work?

With the increasing media coverage of Bitcoin, most people now realize that beside the familiar US dollar and other national currencies, there are other things being used as money.  Bay Bucks Co-Founder Chong Kee Tan explores how community currencies work.

Cecile Andrews: "The Solution That Has No Name"

In the second part of her series, celebrated author Cecile Andrews explores how the secret to change is as simple as bringing people together and starting more personal conversations.
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