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April 2013

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Take Action! Take the Transition Challenge

This May, join thousands of people across the country taking action to move toward sustainable, local economies through the Transition Challenge.

Create your own project or volunteer on an existing one.For ideas and how-tos, check out the Transition US website or watch their April 25 teleseminar, “Tools and Tips for the Transition Challenge.”

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"Very informative webinar— thanks for putting it on and sharing these great ideas!" —Ann Reinecke, via Facebook
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Dear Friends,

This month, we offer a sneak preview of our "Guide to Going Local," with a new video profiling a cash mob in Roanoke, Virginia. Stay tuned for more action steps that you can take in your community, when our guide is released in May!

We also talk with Etsy VP and new board member Matt Stinchcomb about his company's efforts to be more "responsible," offer tips for going screen-free at home, share our "New Dreams for the Future," and discuss two new documentary films that are sure to intrigue.

And in case you missed our popular webinar on how to start a seed library, the recording and slides are now available for free on our website.

Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance.

—Wendy, Lisa, Wen, Guinevere, Anna, and the rest of the New Dream team


VIDEO: Organizing a Cash Mob

Cash mobs are a fun way to bring people together to support local businesses and meet new friends. In this video, New Dream joins a cash mob for a fair-trade shop in Roanoke, VA. Stay tuned for more action ideas as part of New Dream's "Guide to Going Local," coming out in May!

Making Responsible Business a Reality: An Interview with Etsy’s Matt Stinchcomb

New Dream recently spoke with Matt Stinchcomb, Vice President for Values & Impact at Etsy, about his ambitious efforts to make the company—and the wider business community—more ecologically, socially, and economically responsible.

Can "Bidder 70" Inspire You to Be the Change That You Seek?

Would you risk being thrown in jail for something that you strongly believe in? New Dream's Anna Awimbo found herself mulling over this question last month when New Dream co-sponsored a screening of the new documentary film, Bidder 70.

Wendy Philleo on "New Dreams for the Future"

Environmentalists need to go beyond talking about green living or even saving the planet, and instead focus on the positive solutions that make our lives more enjoyable. In her latest blog, Executive Director Wendy Philleo shares her thoughts on societal transformation.

Webinar Recording: How to Start a Seed Library

Did you miss New Dream's seed library webinar last week? The webinar recording, slides, and resources are now available on our website. Hear from three public libraries to learn how they started up seed lending programs for their neighborhood.

Going Screen-Free at Home: It’s Not as Hard as You Think

Addicted to screens? Turn off your TVs, video and mobile games, and other forms of screen-based entertainment as part of "Screen-Free Week," starting April 29. Here, mother-of-three Edna Rienzi shares some strategies on raising her family "mostly" screen-free.

“Craigslist Joe”: A Unique Experiment in Social Living

What if you lost everything and had no family to turn to—could you survive? Would social media help? In a new film "Craiglist Joe" sets off on an adventure to live completely off of the goods, services, and support offered by strangers online.
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