New Dream Poll 2014

What does the American Dream mean today? New Dream's 2014 poll sheds light on the American Dream, commercialism, the sharing economy, and more.

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Unbottle Water Campaign

More and more cities, schools, offices, and everyday citizens are saying "No" to bottled water. New Dream's Unbottle Water Campaign offers tips and resources you need to take action in your own community!

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SoKind Registry

Gift giving should be meaningful and joyful — not extravagant and wasteful. SoKind allows you to create gift registries focused less on stuff and more on family, fun, and friends. Join SoKind today!

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New Dream Webinars

Want to promote a new American Dream where you live? Our webinar series features speakers and resources for starting up community projects such as tool libraries, time banks, solar cooperatives, seed libraries, and much more!

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Let's Get2gether

Want to get active in your own community? Get2gether is your chance to meet New Dreamers who live near you and work together on projects for your neighborhood.

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