Easter, Naturally

As one of the most important celebrations on the Christian calendar, Easter is about more than plastic eggs and cellophane grass.

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Mackle-more of What Matters

You know times are changing when a rap about the hipness of thrift store shopping hits the top of the charts.

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Starting a Tool Library: Inspiration and Insights from Baltimore’s Station North

An innovative new tool library is opening its doors in an urban neighborhood that's ripe for a renaissance. Here's the story of how it came about.

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A New Dream Built on Resilience

At, find out how you can engage in the necessary, daunting, and rewarding task of building resilience at home and in your community.

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#StuffCheck: How Many Shoes Do You Own?

The average American owns 19 pairs of shoes. What does this say about us?

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Rethinking Work: Replacing the Treadmill With Time, Flexibility, and Happiness

The reason we work is simple: we need to pay for the things that keep us fed, safe, and comfortable. But do we really need to work as much as we do?

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A Dream Alive: Finding Our Voice on Climate Change

If longstanding bigotries can change, then surely we can change our mundane fuel sources. A climate rallier reflects on "people power" and progress.

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Do We Need to Sacrifice Communities in the Name of Progress?

As environmentalists, we sometimes forget that a green energy company is just that—a company.

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Homemade Valentines, Gratitude, and the Green Triangle

How one family's annual valentine-making routine became a way to practice gratitude and green living simultaneously.

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Interview with Sasha Dichter, Founder of Generosity Day

In February 2013, New Dream' spoke with Sasha Dichter, founder of Generosity Day, about his proposed alternative to Valentine's Day commercialism.

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